Breast Augmentation

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It is important for a woman to feel happy and confident with the shape of their body. Breast Enlargement or Augmentation is a procedure that allows women who are unsatisfied with their breast contour or size the option of quickly and safely obtaining the results they desire. For these reasons and more, breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed worldwide today. The decision to pursue breast surgery is a personal decision with desired outcomes specific to you. For these reasons it is important for you to understand the options involved in breast augmentation and to make a well-informed decision on the material, size, profile and approach that can be employed. At Carolina surgical arts, P.A. you will undergo a thorough exam at your consultation that will allows our Surgeons to recommend certain options that best address your concerns and goals. Give our office a call today and book your free consultation to learn more.

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**For information to help understand the various implant options, visit the “Implant material and surgical options” tab.


  • Understand and obtain the desired outcome of the patient
  • Provide additional volume to the natural breast
  • Improve the overall shape and position of the natural breast
  • Improve symmetry of the natural breast


Downtime from Breast Augmentation is most often 1 week. Afterwards a surgical bra will be placed to hold the breast in a symmetric position during the initial healing.  Initially patients will describe their discomfort as “pressure” or “tightness” as opposed to sharp pain. The discomfort is well managed with a combination of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medication and prescribed pain medication. It is recommended to avoid exercising for 3-4 weeks after surgery to prevent avoidable complications such as uneven settling of your breast implants, bleeding, bruising, pain and problems healing. Scars will typically fade within 6-18 months after surgery. Some patients experience reduced sensation of the breast after surgery that typically returns within 3 to 6 months. At your consultation we will review all of this and more to make sure you are able make the best decision for you.