Breast Lift

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During pregnancy and breast feeding, the breast tissue itself tends to expand and in doing so stretches the overlying skin. Afterwards the breast tissue typically shrinks back to its normal size, but the skin is unable to do so resulting in the loss of skin elasticity. This often leaves deflated, droopy breast that can certainly impact a woman’s confidence. If you have noticed any of these changes then a Breast Lift may be a good option for you. A Breast Lift is a quick and relatively simple way of restoring the nipple position and perkiness of your breast. Breast Lifts can be performed with or without implants depending on your amount of native breast tissue and your overall goals. Breast Lifts also allow for reduction in stretched areolas and improved shape of asymmetries. Many women are understandably concerned with the scars associated with Breast Lifts. Thankfully, unless you have a history of dark or raised scars, most incisions are not visible after 6-12 months following surgery. There is a spectrum of Breast Lift options with different incisions depending on the degree of ptosis or droopiness your breasts have. From least to most extensive Breast Lifts are as follow: Donut Lift (around the nipple), Lollipop Lift (around the areola with a vertical component), and an Inverted-T or Anchor Lift (around the areola with a vertical and horizontal component.  Measurements will be taken at your consultation that will help determine which type of Breast Lift will offer you the best result. Give our office a call today and book your free consultation to learn more.

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  • Improve breast shape overall
  • Restore the Nipple to the correct vertical position on the breast
  • Downsize and improve symmetry of areolas if necessary
  • Restore the volume of breast following pregnancy or massive weight loss


Downtime following a Breast Lift is most often 1 week but can vary depending if you undergo a Breast Lift alone or a Breast Lift with Augmentation. Afterwards a surgical bra will be placed to hold the breast in a symmetric position during the initial healing. Patients undergoing Breast Lift alone have minimal discomfort and can often return to work within 1 week. Similar to breast augmentation, A person undergoing a Breast Lift and Augmentation will have a similar recovery to that of a Breast Augmentation alone. patients will describe their discomfort as “pressure” or “tightness” as opposed to sharp pain. The discomfort is well managed with a combination of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medication and prescribed pain medication. It is recommended to avoid exercising for 3-4 weeks after surgery to prevent avoidable complications such as uneven settling of your breast implants, bleeding, bruising, pain and problems healing. You will likely experience reduced sensation of the breast after surgery that typically returns within 3 to 6 months.  Scars will typically fade within 6-18 months after surgery.