Brow & Forehead Lift

close up of woman's face, eyes closed

As with our face, our foreheads gradually sag and become more tired appearing with time. A brow lift is an excellent way to provide a refreshed and younger version of yourself. By improving fine lines of the forehead and redundant tissue sagging below the brow, a brow lift truly turns back the clock. Our goal is to provide a natural, youthful appearance without a surprised look. Through endoscopic Brow Lifting technique, a Brow Lift at Carolina Surgical Arts has minimal discomfort with little downtime while reducing the risk of hair loss associated with open procedures performed in the past. The procedure is performed by placing small incisions within the hair allowing for small instruments and cameras to be inserted. The forehead and brow are then elevated to their youthful position and securely suspended resulting in a refreshed, vibrant appearance. Occasionally Brow Lifts are performed in combination with other procedures such as eyelid surgery, facelifts, skin resurfacing and others. At the consultation we will discuss what treatment options will best address your concerns and provide the best outcome for you personally. Give our office a call today and book your free consultation to learn more!

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  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles of the forehead
  • Improve fine lines around the lateral eyes (Crow’s feet)
  • Improve heaviness of the upper eyelids


Patients often require 7-10 days of recovery and are usually able to return to work in 10-14 days. Most patients will experience pain, swelling and numbness of the forehead that are all temporary and well controlled with prescribed medications. It is recommended to avoid exercising for 2-3 weeks after surgery to prevent avoidable complications such as excessive bleeding, bruising, pain and problems healing. Depending on the strength of your muscles, you may benefit from injections of a neurotoxins such as Dysport, Xeomin or Botox to help maintain the brow position after surgery and ensure long lasting results.