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nasal surgery or “Rhinoplasty” is one of our favorite procedures at Carolina Surgical Arts. Your nose is one of the most important features that defines your look. If you have ever wondered what options are available to address your concerns, then we are excited to meet you. The surgery itself can be geared towards improving the aesthetic appearance of the nose including features such as a hump, a crooked nose, a droopy tip, a wide nose, and many others. Rhinoplasty can also be performed to improve a person’s ability to breathe through their nose which is often times covered by medical insurance. Various techniques can improve airflow of the nose including correcting a deviated septum or reducing obstructions within the nose itself. Our main goal is to understand what bothers you about your nose and to address those concerns by creating a natural result that fits you and your features best. At your consultation we will complete a surgical simulation of your nose surgery to make sure that we fully understand what you are looking for. Give our office a call today and book your free consultation to learn more!

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  • Improve overall aesthetics of the nose on a case by case basis
  • Reduce a nasal hump
  • Improve a droopy nasal tip
  • Narrow the nose
  • Reduce the size of the nose overall
  • Improve nasal breathing


In general, nose surgery requires approximately 1 week of downtime. As with most surgery, it is recommended to avoid exercising for 2-3 weeks after surgery to prevent avoidable complications such as bleeding, bruising, pain and problems healing. Typically you will have a nasal splint over your nose for the first 7 days to help with swelling and healing. Once the splint is removed, you will still be swollen, but can often truly appreciate the changes already. The remaining swelling will typically resolve over the next 4-6 weeks.