Ear Surgery

close up of a woman's ear

Ear surgery or “Otoplasty” is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the prominence of a patient’s ears and improve their overall shape. Each surgery is approached and geared individually to achieve a more balanced appearance for the patient. Children who may be teased about their ears and are insecure of their appearance can greatly improve their confidence and self-image during the most important time of their development. The procedure itself is minimally invasive with little to no pain afterwards. The procedure is performed with incisions behind the ears away from their face that typically heal without any evidence that a surgical procedure was performed. The surgery is often performed on children between the ages of five and fifteen but can be performed on adults as well. Give our office a call today and book your free consultation to learn more!


  • “Pin” or reposition the ear in a more natural position with less prominence
  • Recreate normal anatomy of the ear
  • Reduce the size or change the shape of the earlobe


Downtime from otoplasty is usually around 1 week. Most people have minimal pain or discomfort that is managed with prescribed medications. Often patients do not require narcotics to manage discomfort following otoplasty. A compressive dressing will be applied to the ears after surgery that should be maintained in place for 1 week at which time the sutures are usually removed. It is important to avoid sleeping on your side for 3-4 weeks after surgery. It is recommended to avoid exercising for 2-3 weeks after surgery to prevent avoidable complications such as bleeding, bruising, pain and problems healing.